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Our Story

A Story Of Fishermen and Fishers of Men

Driven by the desire to play a role in the eradication of poverty through profits, Ark Holding was conceived as an inclusive business-as-mission private limited enterprise to build market-based aquaculture and agriculture solutions for Asia’s poorer communities.

We work together with the local community, government agencies, private sector and civil organizations to ensure everyone benefits from our presence and our drive towards sustainable profitable growth.

Currently, we have started tiger prawns/seabass farming, wild harvest trading and localised distribution in Singapore and Sri Lanka.


Our Food

By ensuring our farming method is sound and works, we produce only the freshest of seafood. Sustainability in the long run is key as we keep to our promise the natural ecosystem we operate in remains intact and healthy, and seafood bred on our farms are fed only the best food as part of their natural diet. This allows our produce to retain all the nutritional goodness they possess as they live in healthy conditions and remain stress free.

Helping the Community

Staying true to our mission, we operate our business around benefiting the local community as much as possible, involving the community in both the demand and supply side of our business.

We choose areas with the greatest potential for growth that, despite being untapped for commercial purposes, possesses the right elements for success. Whether it’s engaging locals to help build roads and houses, helping us manage our farms, or distributing our products back to the community at an affordable price, we create the opportunities and innovative platform needed to get things started. That way, more from the low-income communities we target can be entrepreneurs, economically productive and be served with our seafood that is affordable, safe, fresh and sustainable.